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Whether you’ve just started your search for your luxury condominiums or have been looking, Around Town Real Estate would be happy to send you a daily customized email specific to your search criteria.  Just click on the link below and fill out the information to start receiving your Multiple Listing Service, MLS, and daily updates today: Customized Property search


Start by asking yourself the following questions to help you and your broker focus in on the right area, type of home and style that fit your taste.

Location - What neighborhood or area do you desire?

Price - What is your price range?

Timing - When would you like to move or need to move?

Rooms - What do you (or your family) need for your lifestyle?

Style - Which types of building styles do you like (ex. brownstone, high rises, or single families)?

Amenities - What amenities to you find most important (ex. parking, pool, gym)?

Features - Which features are your priorities (ex. fireplaces, hard wood floors, and/or outdoor space)?

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Why use a Real Estate broker?

A broker has access to all available listing databases, understands what fits your criteria and works on your behalf to ensure you are getting the right deal. 

Why should use Around Town Real Estate?

An Around Town broker is your business partner in handling what is likely to be the single largest transaction most people make, their home.  An Around Town broker will be working for you around the clock; watching for new listings, checking comparables in the area and making sure you are notified as soon as a new listing hits the market.  With an experienced Around Town broker by your side, finding the perfect home is easy, efficient, and enjoyable.  What you’d expect from a broker is what you’ll get and more at Around Town Real Estate. Our boutique style office ensures you that you will get superior, personalized service.

  • Decide on how much you are willing to pay
  • Decide on a closing date
  • Decide on the amount of escrow money you are willing to put down with the Purchase and Sales Agreement (typically this is between 5%-10%) to secure the deal
  • Include any contingencies ex. mortgage or inspection
  • Offer is negotiated and accepted


The inspection is typically done 5-7 business days from the time of the accepted offer.
  • An inspector will survey the foundation and structure, test all appliances, test all major systems and look at the roof and exterior.  The inspector will point out any interior problems that may need addressing.
  • You can find a list of licensed inspectors in the state of Massachusetts by clicking here
  • You can also choose to have a lead paint test, water test, radon test, and insect and termite test. 

Depending on market conditions, if you decide to include any contingencies, the seller will take this into consideration when negotiating more than one offer.



The Purchase and Sales Agreement in typically signed within 10 business days from the time of the accepted offer.


  • The escrow amount agreed upon in the Offer to Purchase is due at this time.


  • Contact a mortgage lender and begin the mortgage application process.

  • The Closing is typically 30-90 days from the time of the accepted offer.
  • The closing usually takes place at the closing attorney’s office.
  • If the buyer is financing the home, then a bank attorney will also be present.
  • The buyer and seller will sign all relevant closing papers and the attorney will record the new deed.
  • After the deed is recorded, the buyer now has legal ownership of their new home.



Beth Freeman is experienced and is at the very "top of her game." She is a good negotiator, thorough, and honest. who knew more about what we needed than we did ourselves. Because she served us well we highly recommend her.

Hi Beth-It was a pleasure working with you on this sale. You did a really excellent job--and smoothed the way with the sellers and with getting the work done on the apartment that was needed to complete the conditions of sale. [...]